Spring Flower Bulb

Ever wondered when planting your spring flower bulb? Or just looking for spring bulb flower pictures? Or you have some spring flower bulbs stored away and you don’t remember which flower bulb gives which flower? Then have a look at the picture below: which flower blooms when in spring and how heigh does the flower […]

Snow Drops

The first bulbs of 2008 are flowering!!!! From the spring bulb plants, snow drops are now blooming in Belgium. Galianthus is the first blooming flower of the spring flower bulbs. The weather is still very irregular: we have some snow predicted for this weekend, yet at this very moment it’s all warm, which is at […]

Snowdrop flowers

Enjoy these snowdrop flowers with in the background the first crocus flowers rising above soil! Also enjoy this beautiful snowdrop desktop wallpaper.   Galanthus nivalis is the most common cultivar in today’s snowdrop flowers. They are about 4 – 6 inches (10 – 15 cm) tall.   Like most spring blooming snowdrop flowers have long […]

Gardening in October

October is actually still quite an active month when it comes to gardening, so it’s quite a nuisance that I am having back pain. Never mind, putting on more cream makes me feel as hot as in summer. Anyway, I feel better than yesterday, so that’s a good sign I find. Meanwhile October is a […]

Picture of white tulips

Picture of white tulips Picture of white Tulips in Holland White spring bulb flowers garden If you love to create an impression of snow in your spring garden, you could try to only plant white spring bulbs. Below I listed some white tulip varieties according to their blooming period. Other varieties of white spring you […]